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We offer a range of personal safety and home defense training classes.


"Helping you become your own first responder" Ian smith, instructor 

Image by Jonathan Olsen-Koziol
           Maryland Handgun Qualification License (HQL)


Completion of this course is required to receive your license to purchase a handgun in the state of Maryland. 
4 hour classroom time 

Image by Kim Gorga
           One on One Classes

Become your own first responder with a One on One Training session with our Lead Instructor. Perfect for students that want want personalized hands on training and want to become a better shooter. 
The session will improve; 
-Proper grip
-Sight alignment

Image by STNGR Industries
           Basic and Tactical


Pistol/Rifle. Enhance your skill set with sight alignment, point shooting, draw from holster, room clearing, and much more (Advanced)

           Home/Personal Protection

Become your own First Responder with our Home Defense class. 
Class covers:
-Situational Awareness  
-Know Your Rights- Self Defense
-Proper Firearm storage
-Child Firearm Safety
-Choosing the correct home defense firearm 

Handgun and  Ammunition
           Basic Pistol 1


For first time, new shooters and those contemplating purchasing or new gun owners.  The class has one hour of classroom time and one hour of range time. 
Class will cover- 
-proper stance
-proper grip 
-how to pick out a gun 
-hands on hands training 
-opportunity to shoot live rounds at the range 

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